Brilliant man-STUPID TV


My husband watched the most asinine crap on TV.  I mean, it is completely ridiculous.  I can feel my IQ slipping by just being in the room while that shit is playing.

The man I married is a genius.  Really.  He started his own company in our dining room 3 or so years ago.  Today he’s got about 20 employees, including me.  The things that he’s able to manage are truly amazing.  He’s able to keep so many plates spinning that I’m astounded.  I couldn’t be more impressed or proud of his business acumen.  His ability to think outside of the box and try new things is awesome.

Then, there’s the flip side.  This man comes home after making huge deals, solving mind-blowing problems, and managing a herd of cats and needs to relax.  His idea of relaxation is crazy.  He props himself up in the bed, or snuggles up on the couch and turns on the TV.  That is not the issue.  The issue is WHAT he’s watching.  Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Pawn Wars, The Batchelor, Cajun Billionaires, Cajun Pawn, My Hillbilly Vacation, and any other stupid shit he can find.  He loves it!  AND he records hours of it on the DVR.  So there is never a time that he’s without Cajun Storage Pawn Wars.  He can summon this shit with the push of a button.  Lord Almighty I’m not kidding.

It’s as if he has an allotment of brain cells each day.  He uses up every one of them at the office.  He’s got enough to feed himself when he gets home.  Then it’s all over.  I won’t be surprised if I find him drooling in front of the TV someday.

On the weekends it is about 50/50.  He can teach himself Joe Walsh licks on the guitar in an hour.  He can make impossible shots on the golf course.  He was a ranked semi-pro tennis player.  All of these things are awesome.  He will do things with me that I never imagined a man would do.  He takes me to the Farmers Market almost every weekend.  He loves to go with me to antique shops and junk stores.  He’ll even shop at the mall patiently with me AND carry packages.  He’s got impeccable taste.  I would totally trust him to choose an outfit for me for just about any occasion.  No kidding.  He is so wonderful with the child that no one knows that she’s not his biological daughter.  Unless somebody asks, they assume that they are blood.  The man is the whole package.  Seriously.

Found a rattlesnake on the course that day too. ♥

Then, he wants to “relax”.  The TV comes on and his eyes glaze over.  Good grief.

Still, I love him like crazy.  I can always find something else to do while he sits in front of the mind numbing box.  Like blog about it.  I’m sure that he could fill a box with crap that I do that makes him crazy.  But he doesn’t have a blog.  Tough noogies.


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